That's the motto of recipe developer and instructor Rich Shreiber. For nearly a decade, Rich has been inspiring people to lose weight and eat healthy without the need to give up the things others enjoy. "Deprivation leads to desperation". Rich will dispel common myths about artificial sweeteners and open your eyes to "sweet cheats" to make your desserts delicious while eliminating sugar and even fat! You don't need to give up the foods you love. His 2 hour course will take you through several popular desserts and emphasizes both reducingsugar and fat as well as simplicity of ingredients. Even a beginner can master these great desserts in no time. Classics such as Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Mousse and others*. Small and intimate class sizes ensure that you get the most out it. You'll learn techniques, tips and tricks, and even a little science behind the things he makes (think Alton Brown meets Bobby Flay). You'll come away inspired and confident. Whether you are cooking for yourself, your partner or a loved one, make it something that you all can share together!